Lady mythical creatures you will possibly not have often heard off

Lady mythical creatures you will possibly not have often heard off

There are numerous stories in the uncommon creatures regarding Bulgarian lands – a number of them a, anyone else not really much. These are supernatural beings who, with respect to the ancient Bulgarians and you may Slavs, inhabited the country. They are about various superstitions and why men and women are frightened of those, as they are scared of beasts and you may disorder. Let’s familiarizes you with specific including strange female creatures.


I start by seriously the preferred people pets when you Birmingham escort service look at the Bulgarian mythology. These are breathtaking lady forest morale having a person looks, you better not satisfy. It is thought that such spirits accumulates a night towards exact same meadow throughout the very secluded thicker forests. Here it dancing all day its magic dance, wear much time white dresses with green straps. Similar to this, it is believed that it pay homage towards the gods.

Legend features it these breathtaking ladies scarcely touching the floor and their footsteps from enchanting vegetation give a strong recovery scent. Ill people, whom attained enough bravery, spent the evening close particularly meadows. The fresh new fairies clean out him or her particularly definitely.

Exactly what is the issue with such morale?! They usually are a bit bad at someone. It’s considered that handsome teenage boys ought not to lookup her or him regarding the eyes, because the if you don’t the fairies have a tendency to obsess more them. Immediately following conference her or him, men’s room life change upside down, so much in fact that they actually dump their loved ones or even the samodiva kills the new wife of the chosen kid.

Villas, Samovilas

Gorgeous tree comfort with human physical appearance, nonetheless they also have wings. It are now living in coniferous high mountain woods, where each of them protects a forest creature, tree, rose, bush or slope stream. New feature out of villas is because they jealously cover the fresh pets or flowers it maintain out of some one.

Interesting things about villas is because they have a good studies of characteristics and herbs. Hence, if an individual seems to rating closer to the new places where it assemble just after sundown, he’s going to be able to know how to fix that have particular plants. Additional information you’d score is all about the region of your own undetectable cost or any other treasures of the world.


A set of Slavic girls spirits (a lady and you can an old woman) just who live-in the beaches out-of rivers and you will ponds. They are represented once the pets with a woman torso and you will feet, end and wings regarding a bird out-of sufferer. New Slavs thought that a few religious forces governed the world – the newest evil Upir in addition to benevolent Bregini. Upir written all-evil and all sorts of heartache internationally. Although not, the bregini put good and glee.

During the Slavic myths, this new bregini guards the new mothers during delivery and you can protected new children from worst comfort just who made an effort to deal her or him. not, towards growth of brand new Slavic faith, the fresh bregini changed radically and you will became worst spirits one kidnapped youngsters.


Bad and good home-based female spirit of one’s Slavic believe. If your housewife takes diligent care of their household, the brand new kikimora will assist their just like the she do all night the new housework for another day. However hostess is immoral and idle, this new kikimora will get crappy – she will pull this new children’s tresses, wake them in the night time and you may frighten him or her, create mischief, and you may spread the brand new mud.

The picture of your kikimora originally came up because personification regarding brand new soul of name of your own more mature housewife of one’s same home.


A cruel meadow spirit into the appearance of a beautiful young lady wear a pure white linen dress. You want to note that on the Slavic world, light clothes was symbolic of mourning. The latest poludnitsa simply takes place at the noon, in the middle of the afternoon – a time which is believed dangerous and bad, for example midnight. Both of these minutes throughout the day and you may nights are known as “crucifixion instances” and folks stay home so that things crappy doesn’t accidentally him or her, in order for evil forces including poludnitsa and her relative – polunoshtnitsa – do not see.


A wicked female soul towards the look of a classic girl within the a pure light skirt. They travel from midnight up to sunrise, whenever all-evil forces come-out and paths lead-in not the right recommendations. Hence, midnight some one have a tendency to stay at crossroads and in case they satisfy a beneficial individual, they actually do a myriad of evil what you should him.


Immediately, this type of lady liquid morale, found on the financial institutions off streams and you may seas, have become prominent worldwide. Their image is inspired by Slavic culture, where these were on the cult of one’s deity of fertility. New ancient Slavs thought that canals, ponds and you will waters, in addition to their coastlines, were within the safety from local mermaids.

For instance the samodiva, mermaids are also described as stunning lady, and also extremely vindictive and you may crappy. In the most common legends, mermaids was forever young with much time environmentally friendly tresses, and when it crack hair, it produce floods. In the event the their facial skin dries out, the mermaids perish. New souls off murdered and you will thrown with the a lake ladies turn with the mermaids.

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